Pipebots June 2019

Here at ICAIR we are hosting the Pipebots Workshops. Visit the website www.pipebots.ac.uk to learn more about Pipebots Grant.

Pipebots aim is to allow the water industry to understand the current possibilities of robotic technology in general, the challenges to be overcome in buried pipe networks and the likely timelines for development of a new robotic inspection platform which can operate autonomously.

In workshop one delegates are invited to discuss the known and expected challenges to the water industry which could be aided by technologies developed within and after Pipebots. The challenges will be framed into 3 time epochs: the next AMP1 (Asset Management Plan) period, 2020-25; the following two AMPs (2025-2035); and then further into the future 2035-2050. The challenges will also be framed by a number of scenarios, which would include a combination of influencing factors, such as climate change, environmental regulations, technology acceptance, economic factors.

In workshop two will identify the highly ranked water industry challenges from workshop one and combine these with the technological challenges, developing roadmaps for implementation. These roadmaps will consider realistic timelines for the development of truly autonomous robotic technologies, together with important milestones and link with required investment and regulatory conditions.

The final session will summarise the key findings and provide information for the Pipebots researchers to develop and report on the challenge specification for dissemination at the project formal opening at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London on 20th November 2019.

Pipebots Workshop